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FREE Stock and non-stock item price checking 9/12/2016
Start e-procurement today - free stock and non-stock price check. Setup your account in minutes and we will work with you to publish your items for price analysis and run tenders to establish price contracts.…
Pathway to Best in Class Supply Chains 9/5/2016
We are often asked what are the steps in best in class supply chains so we have summerised our thoughts below there are fundamentally 5 stages to evolved an optermised supply chain:
• Stage 1 …
Sourcing Value 9/5/2016
There is always debate regarding what is the real value of the sourcing activity the first response is normally price point followed by competitive price agreements and for logistics setting up the supply…
Supply Chain Strategy 9/5/2016
Supply chain management from the supplier side includes procurement processes, manufacturing or production management, logistics and transport, purchase order management both with their suppliers and …
Visit our .info website for more information 4/11/2016
For more information and detail on what services and products we provide please click the "Details" link just below.
  • Enhance your existing systems
  • Simplify your buying process
  • Advanced analysis and extensive reporting
  • Reduce workload (procurement/sourcing cycle time) by at least 80%
  • Achieve cost savings of between 15% and 75% on goods or services
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  • Full item search on buyers requirements
  • Quote directly to the decision makers
  • Receive notification of any new requests for quotes
  • View and manage purchase orders
  • View and manage price agreements/contracts
  • Self service business trading 24/7
View buyers and their requirements.
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  • Proactive and dynamic advertising
  • Advertise your company at no additional cost
  • Improve your visibility with buyers
  • Generate new business opportunities
  • Feature rich, self-managed advertising facility
  • Plus more benefits if registered with a buyer
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